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2:47 The Journey Home to My Heart - Ulrika Karlsson

October 07, 2022 D. M. Needom Season 6 Episode 15
Better To... Podcast with D. M. Needom
2:47 The Journey Home to My Heart - Ulrika Karlsson
Show Notes

Ulrika talks about her book and the inspiration behind it.

For many decades I was being depressed, and burned out and eventually I also became suicidal. My whole life was like an inner struggle with low self-esteem manifesting in many things such as stress, severe sleeping disorders and a deep depression. This ongoing inner struggle affected all aspects of my life; my relationships, health, work, money and career.

My first first book; “2:47 The Journey Home to My Heart” was released 2019. It is an autobiography where I with a raw authenticity and vulnerability writes about my inner journey to free myself from my own inner prison, and to come back my Heart. This book is now sold in 8 countries, giving inspiration and hope to others who suffers from mental illness! You can find it on Amazon.

From this long, and lifechanging experience I share my embodied wisdom, my knowledge, passion, teachings, and also my vision across the globe.

Today I work as a Feminine Leadership Coach, International Spiritual Teacher and Author, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, public speaker and trainer with the entire world as a field of work. With more than 28 years of personal and professional experience in various Holistic disciplines, I primarily help and guide women in senior and leading positions who long for a more authentic, peaceful, juicy and balanced life. 

My vision is to contribute to a freer, more beautiful, a more conscious and loving world for all of us to live in together. Her method is an unique combination of well proven modern western techniques and ancient eastern wisdom and knowledge.


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