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Taking a Flying Leap - Scott K. Harris

August 26, 2022 D. M. Needom/Scott K. Harris Season 6 Episode 9
Better To... Podcast with D. M. Needom
Taking a Flying Leap - Scott K. Harris
Show Notes

Scott talks about how retook the power in his hands to create the life he wanted.

My life has taken so many dramatic turns. After winning the national collegiate skydiving championships, I became cocky. Not just in skydiving but in life. Then I had a terrible accident, they said I wouldn't walk normally ever, & I couldn't go back to school. I went anyway, go on with my life, and learned super important lessons about humility and what I can do. The crash landing became one of the most important things.

Before that, I was a terrible student in school, I didn't fit in. I knew I wasn't ready for college so I dropped out to join the Army at 17. Best thing I ever did for myself.

I was in a failing marriage, the economy was down, and I couldn't get engineering work. I moved to Florida from Michigan by myself to take over an old skydiving center. My whole life changed, it opened up multiple entrepreneurial opportunities and set the path…

Bigger changes or forks in the road later but these are all pretty dramatic with good lessons.

Scott Harris is a skydiver, veteran, businessman, and motivational speaker. He uses his personal journey to create an exceptional storytelling experience for his audience. Scott can show others how to embrace challenges to perform at their highest level,



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